UN GCNI’s First Global Roundtable on Water and WASH (Virtual)

25th June 2021 , @ 06.00 PM

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UN GCNI’s first Global Virtual Roundtable on Water & WASH will bring together Senior Leaders/Champions from companies dedicated to this cause to deliberate on the looming Water Crisis and the possible solutions/best practices that they have implemented. The second part of this session will have representatives from the relevant stakeholders who will share their experiences/perspective on the ground level efforts, challenges/impediments and possible support that is needed to scale up both awareness and action.

Keeping the various initiatives of UNGC in view, the session will be addressing holistic Water/WASH ecosystem needed to Conserve, Recharge, Reuse, Recycle, Replenish this critical resource and various related issues of education/advocacy/collective action to promote and create Water Ownership/guardianship by one and all. Businesses consume huge amounts of water in various activities, it is not only their social/moral obligation to give back the resource to the ecosystem but also a critical part of their business plans for sustainable growth.

This effort will aim to bring more companies and communities to join our Water Stewardship initiative and align this various National/International policies and practices addressing holistic water requirement of the communities by sustainable access and use.

  • Theme :Advancing Global Water Stewardship: Now & Beyond
  • Day & Date :Fri, 25th June, 2021
  • Time :06:00 PM


  • Online
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