Veolia reinvents the fountain with NEO

Veolia’s expertise at the service of local residents

For 170 years, Veolia has mastered every stage of the water cycle. Thanks to this positioning, the Group can respond to local authorities and residents’ challenges in terms of easy, hygienic and useful access to water. Veolia’s employees expertise in this field enables the company to provide long-term support to its clients in the implementation of integrated and sustainable management of water resources. 
The new-generation NEO drinking fountain is based on this approach, rethinking our relationship with drinking water in towns and cities and its availability. The fountain is a practical response to the challenge of access to water in cities, and a means of supporting local authorities in their policy of developing active mobility. For example, it aims to improve access to drinking water in public spaces, while preserving and protecting local resources. Finally, the bollard helps to combat street pooling, a widespread phenomenon during heatwaves, which impacts water resources by creating islands of coolness for local residents.

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