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Electric bicycles

Pakistan’s pursuit to replicate China’s remarkable growth in the electric bicycle industry holds tremendous promise. Not only does this initiative signify a more environmentally conscious approach to reducing carbon emissions, but it also presents a practical solution in the face of escalating and often unpredictable fuel prices. Electric bicycles offer a cost-effective means of transportation, making them ideal for daily commutes and potentially reducing the reliance on public transport.

The Electric Vehicle Policy for 2020-2025 is a crucial component of Pakistan’s ambitions, providing incentives and tax exemptions for the local production of electric vehicles. With the ultimate goal of capturing a substantial share of the passenger vehicle and heavy-duty truck markets by 2030 and 2040, respectively, this policy sets a clear path for electric vehicles to thrive, and similar steps will be needed to encourage the common man to adopt the use of an electric vehicle.

Already, six companies in Pakistan have initiated the assembly of electric motorbikes and licenses have been issued to 31 companies, indicating the nation’s commitment to electric mobility. In a country where the transport sector contributes significantly to carbon emissions, electric motorbikes emerge as a cost-effective and eco-friendly alternative. They offer the potential to reduce fuel costs by up to 60%, with minimal maintenance requirements, along with zero noise and air pollution.

However, the journey towards widespread electric vehicle adoption is not without its challenges. To encourage electric vehicle adoption, consumers require the assurance of accessible charging infrastructure, ideally available nearby. Additionally, concerns persist regarding the availability of spare parts and the expertise needed for repair and maintenance in the emerging electric vehicle market with the right investment, infrastructure development and comprehensive consumer education. Pakistan can pave the way for a cleaner, more efficient and cost-effective mode of transportation. Emulating China’s success in this sector not only benefits the environment but also provides practical solutions for Pakistan’s evolving transportation needs.



Alarming rise in dacoities

In recent times, there has been a significant surge in cases of theft, robbery, and dacoity in the vicinity of Gulistan-e-Jauhar Block 18. Regrettably, it has become an all-too-common occurrence for criminals to rob innocent citizens at gunpoint with alarming ease. The number of reported incidents is steadily increasing, causing great concern within the community.

Many individuals have fallen victim to these crimes, losing their valuable possessions such as cash, jewellery, bags and even their vehicles in broad daylight. Furthermore, the situation has taken a disturbing turn with reports of harassment and catcalling directed at young girls. This escalating criminal activity is both alarming and deeply troubling for the residents of this area.

In the light of this unsettling situation, I earnestly urge the relevant authorities to take prompt and effective action to restore peace and security to this locality, which has sadly become a hotspot for criminal activities.



Education crisis

Many parents are facing numerous difficulties in paying for their children’s education due to the high cost of education in the country. Expensive education has created countless obstacles for people, making it challenging to afford the fees of private institutions. This is supported by the statistics provided in the report on enrolment in private schools: 30% of students at the secondary and tertiary levels, 40% at the pre-primary level and 20% at the primary level attend privately-run schools, with 8% studying in seminaries. It is crucial for parents to protest against the exorbitant fees.

Highlighting the same issue, the report reveals that the education of children from low-income families constitutes a significant portion, as much as 80%, of their total income. It is disheartening to hear the concerns of parents who frequently encounter financial obstacles related to school fees in Pakistan. Education should not be a burden on the poor; its purpose is to cultivate civilized individuals. The government should take substantial actions to address this issue, reduce fees and assist students in obtaining education through scholarships and grants. This way, every student, regardless of their family’s financial status, can access a quality education.



Water crisis

Water is a fundamental necessity for all living beings, essential for sustaining life on Earth. However, Gwadar, a critical region for Pakistan, faces a significant challenge as its residents struggle to access clean water.

Much of the water supplied to the city is undrinkable, with a foul taste. Many locals even pay for tanker deliveries, yet they continue to consume dirty and salty water. This pressing issue remains unresolved, forcing residents to endure these dire conditions. It is imperative for the provincial government to take immediate action to address this matter. Swift resolution is crucial.



Box letter

Remembering Allama Iqbal

Allama Iqbal, an eminent poet and profound thinker, was born on 9 November, and on this day, we fondly commemorate his life and enduring ideas. Iqbal’s poetic creations delve into profound themes, compelling readers to introspect and contemplate essential aspects of life such as self-discovery, self-improvement and the quest for hope. His verses continue to captivate hearts, resonating not only in his homeland of Pakistan but across the globe. Iqbal’s poetry serves as a timeless reminder, urging us to break free from our limitations, embark on a journey of self-enrichment and contribute to the betterment of our world. His vision encompassed a desire for unity among Muslims, advocating for a just and equitable society. The relevance of Iqbal’s poetry endures because it imparts valuable lessons on personal growth, self-awareness and pursuit of knowledge. Let us draw inspiration from his profound wisdom and keep his ideals alive. May his poems and philosophies continue to inspire and guide us.




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