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Water distribution sites are still taking place despite lift of city-wide boil water notice - Energy And Water Development Corp

Water distribution sites are still taking place despite lift of city-wide boil water notice

JACKSON, Miss. (WLBT) – More than 400 people came out for Saturday’s giveaway at Greater Deliverance Church in Jackson.

Although the city lifted its boil water notice, capital city residents say they are still concerned about the water flowing into their homes.

“I mean, I know they say we are clear, but one minute we’re under boil water notice, and the next minute we are not so we just never know when to trust. So I’ll rather stay on the safe side until these issues are fixed,” said Jackie Johnson, a resident who received water on Saturday.

Iris Barnes, the Communications Director of Greater Deliverance Church says they are doing just that…providing residents with safe drinking water.

“We do know that the water crisis is still a crisis for the city of Jackson even though we are no longer boiling water, and we have water in the home, there are still a lot of people concerned about the quality because Jackson has had a problem with the water system for so long,” Barnes said.

Brown University and Piney Woods School partnered with the church to distribute free water testing kits to residents, so they could check for lead and impurities in their water.

“That way you will know for yourself if there is anything impure that will cause health problems in the water faucet that is coming out of your own home,” Barnes stated.

All testing samples are being dropped off at the water distribution site and will take 24 hours for the results to come back.

Food boxes, emergency disaster kits, and free COVID-19 vaccination shots were also offered at today’s giveaway.

Those who attended the event say they are thankful to receive this free assistance during this challenging time.

“Oh my goodness! How helpful these distributions are because you know it’s just rough trying to cook with our water or bath with hour water, brush our teeth with the water, so it’s an expense that it not needed,” Johnson said.

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