Water Scarcity To Continue For Two More Summers

Indore (Madhya Pradesh): The fast-developing city and increasing population have opened up new challenges before Indore Municipal Corporation (IMC) and the biggest one is catering water demands of the people. Indoreans faced acute water shortage this summer and not only the drying up water sources and bore wells during exacerbating heat but also the rising demand in new areas. If officials were to be believed; Indore has reached at par in terms of water supply and distribution and the city requires more water to cater the demand of the expanding city.

However, the city will have to face the brunt of water scarcity at least for two more years as the additional 400 MLD water, planned to be drawn from Narmada River, as the fourth phase under AMRUT 2.0, would be completed by 2026-27. At present, Indore gets 430 MLD water including 30 MLD from Yeshwant Lake and IMC has laid down the distribution line by 1000 kilometres more in the last two years.

As per official records, the intake structure constructed under ADB area project cannot be utilised due to non-operation of gates of dam, hence to provide water to the city, multi-staged pumping is the only option. However, in order to avoid the multi-staged pumping, excessive use of electricity and O&M cost; an intake structure of 1650†MLD†capacity is to be constructed.

ëThe tenders regarding construction of such structures have been floated and are available on the official website. The construction of the same shall take up to two years. We expect Amrut 2.0 phase IV of Narmada to start functioning after 2.5 years from now,í Executive Engineer Sanjeev Shrivastava said.

Shrivastava informed Free Press that even after the proposal of Rs 1800 crore budget was made for the project, the department has been allotted with final budget constrained to Rs 1100 crore by the Centre. ëThe municipal corporation shall take up loan to fund the other required costs for the project,í he added.

Water intake for AMRUT 2.0 project is proposed considering the demand increase projected for year 2035. The demand is expected to rise till 2055 MLD. ëFor the purpose of meeting demands, 1650 MLD intake shall be constructed at Jalood out of which 360 MLD water shall be supplied from Sanwer Irrigation Project.

27 new overhead water tanks

IMC has installed over 27 new overhead water tanks which cater to the increasing demand of water and have developed eight tanks to function with full potential. With the developing water distribution areas of the city, the IMC has extended water supply to multiple new colonies including those in Scheme 155, CAT Road, Silicon City and others. The civic body is preparing to deal with the increasing demand efficiently in the coming years.

“Providing adequate water supply to the public is our top most priority. The municipal commission is working to bring along efficient ways of water supply and meet increasing demand of water supply in the city. We are expanding our water pipeline network at a very fast pace so that all residents can have access to drinking water.” — Mayor Pushyamitra Bhargav

“Laying foundation of the AMRUT-2.0 project, the civic body has successfully incubated the idea of dealing with water crisis at its best. Installing over 1000 km of Narmada pipeline within the cityís jurisdiction, we are managing to meet demands within the city as well as Rau and Mhow.” — Abhishek ‘Bablu’ Sharma, MiC member, Water Works Department.

Published on: Thursday, June 20, 2024, 06:09 AM IST

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