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Jaipur: With prices of tanker water skyrocketing during summers, Jaipur district administration on Saturday decided to monitor prices of water procured from private tankers. The administration will also keep a watch on the overall problem of water scarcity in the city.An official said, “Water scarcity and the subsequent problem of private tankers fleecing the local residents is a perennial problem in Jaipur. Like every year, this year too we are keeping a close watch on these issues.”As per government orders, a 4,000-litre tanker should cost between Rs 400 to Rs 800 depending on quality of the water. In Jaipur, residents usually receive mean quality of water the price of which should not be over Rs 400. During summer months, however, price of this tanker water escalates to Rs 700 to Rs 800 and sometimes rises to Rs 1,200 per tanker. “This year, the price has increased even more. The problem is that in most cases, residents negotiate with tanker drivers or owners, but don’t lodge any complaint,” an official said.Meanwhile, the Public Health Engineering Department (PHED) is also trying to increase the number of trips tankers hired by the department make. Officials claimed, though, that despite their best efforts, it is difficult to service the residents’ demands with PHED tankers during peak summer months.“A tanker needs to fill water, visit a house, and and fill the house tank. And it must rpeat this cycle before heading to the next destination. This process is time consuming. Despite our best efforts, we can’t cover all houses under our jurisdiction,” said a PHED engineer.Residents have alleged a nexus between PHED officials and tanker owners increasing their water woes. “When I call the local PHED office, most times they refuse to send tankers and say all are busy. If you directly call tanker drivers, they respond promptly and supply water. The difference is that the private driver charges for the water. If the same person can supply water when contacted directly, how is it that he cannot deliver when contacted through the PHED office,” Akriti Srivastava, a Jhotwara resident, said.

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