Water scarcity

Residents of Sector 7D/3 North Karachi are facing an acute water shortage for a long time. The residents are forced to get water tankers, and each household has to pay Rs3,000 per month. This shortage seems an artificial method to increase business for water tanker providers. Over the years, there have been several crackdowns on illegal hydrants – but to no avail. Moreover, before such crackdowns are launched, the government should ensure proper supply of line water to residents. This situation has created great inconvenience for the people of this sector. Moreover, long transmission routes also cause problems as water is wasted in the form of leakages and theft.

It is the duty of the department concerned to maintain regular water supply in equitable and balanced manners. Many complaints have been lodged with the authorities concerned but all were in vain. It is pertinent to mention that water is being supplied on a regular basis to other adjoining areas. Water supply should be the same for all areas of the city. Otherwise the residents of the area will be entitled to claim a refund of the dues they have paid.

Nisar Ahmed


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