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Noida: Several sectors in Greater Noida complained of erratic water supply and low pressure on Monday. As a result, water tanks went dry in households. Residents said they had to buy potable water or use submersibles for daily chores. Sectors 36, 37, Beta 1, 2, Gamma 1, Gamma commercial belt were among the affected sectors. “Water pressure in Greater Noida sectors is very low. The main reason for this is the absence of Ganga water in the underground reservoir of the Authority,” said Harinder Bhati, a member of Active Citizens Group, a residents’ body in Greater Noida.Bhati added that there was no water since 8am on Monday in Sectors Beta 1 and 2 and the problem has persisted for over a week now. “Sometimes the water is very dirty and the supply does not even reach the household tanks. How do GNIDA officials expect city dwellers to survive without water?” said Bhati.Layak Singh Yadav, another resident of Greater Noida, added that GNIDA is increasing the water bill by 10% every year, despite the persistent shortage of water suppply . However, AP Verma, senior manager of the water department, GNIDA said, “Those complaining about the lack of water pipelines should check whether they have applied for a water connection or not.”Speaking on the lack of water supply in several parts of the city on Monday, Verma added that leakages in the pipelines have been noted and are being fixed. “We flush out dirty water in our master reservoir near the GNIDA office before supplying water to the city. Currently, flushing of Ganga water is underway, which is also a cause of low pressure and less supply. We expect the flushing work to be completed in the next two to three days,” said Verma. Brahmanand, executive engineer UP Jal Nigam informed that due to excessive silt in the river, the upper Ganga canal was closed from Haridwar on Monday. As a result, further shortage of Ganga water is expected in Noida and Ghaziabad.

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