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Why aren't drastic measures already being taken to adapt to the drought? - Energy And Water Development Corp

Why aren’t drastic measures already being taken to adapt to the drought?

Very soon, the already serious tensions of the present will be insignificant when we compare them, if anyone dares, with what droughts will erase from the map. The stinginess of the clouds is actually a minor cause. The main one is largely due to the greed of the clever characterized by ignoring that we are, more than anything, water.

Much more wasteland sows the accountability drought, ideas that are not profitable to prop up the powers or let’s not say this sentimental desert towards the rest of the living. Which, by the way, also drinks. As if that were not enough, the demands are only getting worse. One of the data that FAO has made available to governments as realistic as it is terrifying.

However, the worst drought is not the one that now has minimum soils, reservoirs, marshes, meadows and forests

In 25 years we will need to produce 50% more food and our water needs will be 30% older. By then, almost certainly, it will also rain a third less than 40 years ago. Especially in countries like ours. All this, of course and as almost always, without taking into account the requirements of the landscapes. I mean the natural systems on which our own supply and its quality largely depend.

As in so many other aspects related to the gifts of the environment, the recognition of the enormous services that nature provides us working as you know. And nothing and no one knows how to do as much as water. Let’s remember some.

Still, despite the spectacular increase in irrigation, somewhat more than 60% of what we eat humans comes from what the rain freely wets. although right now a powerful drought has begun to devour us nothing would be possible if no less than 1,200 cubic kilometers of seawater were not released every day. Some 90,000 million liters per second. Or without the temperatures turning the flying seas into future rain that the wind will invariably have brought us.

But not least without the plants shielding the soils where they dig their roots and thus avoid their end and ours. However, we will not recognize the transcendence of water until we remember that he has not only written the history of life, but also has drawn the totality of what we see. To begin to adapt to the scarcity of water, we must begin by valuing it properly as the most lively, necessary and beautiful thing on this planet.

Dry bed of Laguna del Rincón, in Córdoba. (EFE/Rooms)

Not one of the biological processes is foreign to water, we already know that. None human production processes. It is, therefore, much more than a resource or a demand of those of us who consider ourselves owners of everything. Moreover, considering it only as a utility is get on the side of the dry.

humanity and nature they have and will have much thirstier. Little if we compare it with the one that passes and will pass the sea, the rivers and lagoons, the forests, the soils and all the other living beings on the planet. Because the water is thirsty: thirst for transparency, respect and freedom.

Soon she too will be thirsty to be considered an absolute and totally public good. In this sense we need to guarantee as a principle that the first property of water is that it should not be owned by anyone.

Photo: Quiebrajano Reservoir, in Jaén.  (EFE)

But all those sips of sanity demanded by water, we can only provide them if we understand that we can behave as the liquid of life he behaves towards us, that is to say with generous respect, with creative austerity. In this regard, it is proven that practically everything that this society does can be achieved with Up to 50% less water than today.

The climate crisis threatens the water supply to cities. (EFE/M. Gutiérrez)

If we want to drink and let our agriculture and livestock, our hygiene and health drink we have to give the water to drink. Because he thirsts for freedom, transparency, moderation, respect and good sense. Something that right now consists of take scarcity par excellence very seriouslyie drought. It has been a long time since all the governments of all the entities, at least in the southern half of the countrythey had to have launched all sorts of warnings, recommendations aimed at saving and even limitations for some of the less necessary concessions.

It is missed that they are not running at least advertising campaigns to stopat least in part, the still everyday wastage of lively liquid. To which we will soon have to add a good number of measures to adapt to the new climate.

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