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Yilo Krobo communities appeal for potable water - Energy And Water Development Corp

Yilo Krobo communities appeal for potable water

Regional News of Wednesday, 5 January 2022

Source: GNA

The Pentecost Church initially provided a borehole for the inhabitants The Pentecost Church initially provided a borehole for the inhabitants

Many communities in the Yilo Krobo Municipality have appealed for potable water facilities to help address longstanding water supply shortages hampering their social lives.

The communities that include; Akpo Sla, Akpo Susie, Akpo Akuapem, and Okper Terpursi, made the appeal after the Pentecost Church provided mechanised borehole to one of them at Akpo.

Speaking in an interview with the Ghana News Agency, Mr. Alfred Teye Hogah, Dademankye of Akpo- Bunase community expressed gratitude to the Pentecost Church but called for extension to the surrounding communities.

He said the Pentecost Church had provided the community a mechanised borehole, and prayed it could be extended to the surrounding villages to help the people there have access to potable water.

He recounted how water crisis worsened during dry season some years back and said residents jostled to fetch water at the river side.

The crisis, he said also led to an alarming rural-urban migration among the youth, who could have stayed in the community to farm for a living and support the weak.

Akpo is a farming community located on a hilly area near Huhunya in the Yilo Krobo Municipality of Eastern Region.

For the past decades, people depended on polluted streams for drinking and domestic use, exposing them to water borne diseases.

Dademankye Hogah, noted that attempts made by several organisations to drill boreholes in the area had proved futile due to hydrological challenges.

He highlighted some challenges the Pentecost Church encountered when drilling the mechanised borehole for Apko and explained that the hydrology caused damage to the drilling equipment, but the church endured it and continued till the completion of the borehole.

The situation went with a lot of cost the church did not expect, he added and appealed to the Municipal Assembly and non-governmental organizations to support the communities have access to drinkable water.

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