The Best Water Type For Each Generation

Choosing a team of monsters to take through any Pokemon game can be a challenge, especially since there are 18 different types of Pokemon and only six slots on a team. Despite there being so many options for a team combination, it always makes sense for players to take a Water-type Pokemon with them on their journey.


35 Best Water Pokemon, Ranked

Water-type Pokemon come in all shapes, sizes, and designs, but some of them are simply better than others. Here’s a look at the best so far.

For starters, the Water type is one of the most common types. Plus, these Pokemon are normally needed to traverse through certain regions by using moves like Surf or Waterfall. However, anyone looking to use a Water type in a playthrough should always look to find out which one is best to use.

9 Starmie (Gen 1: Red, Blue, And Yellow)

Being Part Psychic Gives Starmie A Huge Advantage In Gen 1

Pokemon Red and Blue

September 28, 1998

  • Pokemon Found: Catch Staryu by fishing on routes 19, 20, 21, or in the Seafoam Islands. This Pokemon will evolve into Starmie when given a Water Stone from the Celadon Dept. Store.

Some of the balancing issues in the generation one games may have something to do with why Starmie is the best Water type to use in these games. Back then, the Psychic type did not have any weaknesses, and Starmie is both Psychic and Water type. Therefore, this Pokemon has access to some very strong STAB moves that cannot be resisted, such as Psychic and Psybeam.

Outside its fortunate dual typing, Starmie is also a great choice because of its stats. Its 115 Speed means that it is always likely to hit its opponent first, and it has a good Attack stat, which means it can deal with a variety of enemy Pokemon. What’s more, Starmie has great move coverage thanks to its ability to learn TM moves like Thunderbolt and Blizzard.

8 Kingdra (Gen 2: Gold, Silver, And Crystal)

A Water Type That Is Also A Bulky Dragon

Pokemon Gold and Silver

October 14, 2000

  • Pokemon Found: Horsea can be caught on routes 19, 20, 21, or on Cinnebar Island. It will evolve into Seadra at level 32 and into Kindra when players trade while Seadra is holding a Dragon Scale.

Kingdra may not be one of the easiest Pokemon to obtain in generation 2, mostly because it is a trade evolution. However, this Pokemon is tough to take down, especially since it is both a Water type and has the super resilient Dragon type. Dragon was only weak to Ice and Dragon back in gen 2, so it was a pretty solid choice for the team.

Plus, Kingdra has a very reliable stat total of 540. In addition, moves like Rest will help Kingdra stay on the field for a long time, particularly if players have used its Smokesreen to lower the opponent’s accuracy so that the bulky Dragon cannot be hit.

7 Kyogre (Gen 3: Ruby, Sapphire, And Emerald)

The Gen 3 Legendary Pokemon Is A Clear Winner When It Comes To Power

Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire

  • Pokemon Found: Players need to beat Team Aqua and then head to the Cave of Origin in Sootopolis City.

Every generation of Pokemon games has introduced a set of legendary Pokemon to the franchise. These Pokemon are considered legendary because of their rarity and also because their stats are much higher than other Pokemon. While these Pokemon consist of different types, the Gen 3 legendary Pokemon, Kyogre, is a pure Water type. Therefore, it is the best Water type to use in Hoenn.


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This powerful whale has a base stat total of 670, with its strongest stat being its massive Special Attack of 150. Not many opponents will survive an attack of that magnitude. The only thing holding back Kyogre from being the best Water type to use in these games is the fact that it is found quite late in a playthrough. However, it is certain to be stronger than anything the player swaps it out for.

6 Floatzel (Gen 4: Diamond, Pearl, And Platinum)

A Speedy Attacker With Great Moves

Pokemon Diamond and Pearl

  • Pokemon Found: Buizel can be caught outside the Valley Windworks and will evolve into Floatzel at level 26.

The generation four games are renowned for adding many new Pokemon to existing evolution lines. However, the best Water type to use in this region is one of the brand-new Pokemon added to the franchise, Floatzel.

One of the reasons for this is because players can find its pre-evolution, Buizel, quite early in the game. Plus, Floatzel is a Water type that is very fast, and it has a high Attack stat of 105. With access to moves like Crunch, Ice Fang, and Wave Crash, there are few other Pokemon that hit as hard as this Water type.

5 Seismitoad (Gen 5: Black And White)

Great Typing Of Water And Ground

  • Pokemon Found: Tympole is found in Pinwheel Forest. It will evolve into Palpitoad at level 25 and into Seismitoad at level 36.

When Black and White originally debuted, the developers made the controversial decision to only include the new 156 Unova Pokemon in the games, omitting anything that featured in any of the previous regions. This means that there are few Water types to pick from in a playthrough of these games.

Fortunately, the developers added one of the most reliable Water types to this region. Firstly, Tympole can be found early on in the game, which means players will have access to Seismitoad in no time. Secondly, Seismitoad has a great type combo of Water and Ground. This makes it immune to one of Water’s biggest weaknesses, Electricity. Add to this the fact that Seismitoad has a 105 HP stat, and it is a great Pokemon to use.

4 Greninja (Gen 6: X And Y)

The Starter Pokemon Is Still The Best For Kalos

Pokemon X and Y

October 12, 2023

  • Pokemon Found: Froakie can be given to players at the start, and it evolves into Frogadier at level 16. Frogadier then becomes Greninja at level 36.

With the generation 6 Pokemon games only adding 72 new Pokemon to Kalos, these games are lacking in any really strong Water types. As such, many players will find that the final stage of the Water type starter in the region, Greninja, is the best to use in a playthrough of these games.


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Greninja is great because every player has a strong bond with their starter. As a result, these Pokemon will continue to obey their trainer no matter how high-level they are. Also, this Water/Dark type is an extremely fast Special Attacker with access to great moves like Shadow Sneak and Hydro Pump.

3 WishiWashi (Gen 7: Sun And Moon)

A Weak Pokemon With A Very Strong Ability

Pokemon Sun and Moon

November 18, 2016

  • Pokemon Found: Routes 7, 8, 9, 13, 14, 15, Melemele Sea, Kala’e Bay, Brooklet Hill, Secluded Shore, and Tapu Village.

When players first find Wishiwashi, it is a tiny Water type that should never be considered as the strongest in any category. With a measly stat total of just 175, this fish Pokemon will struggle to hold its own in any battle. Luckily, it has an ability that can make it a formidable foe.

Wishiwashi has the School Form ability that makes hundreds of other Wishiwashi gather around it as it enters battle. This form change gives this tiny Pokemon a new stat total of 620, enough to rival some pseudo-legendaries. Though Wishiswashi is still slow in this form, the enemy has a difficult task of reducing its HP to just 25% to get it to revert to its base form.

2 Drednaw (Gen 8: Sword And Shield)

Strong Pokemon With A Strong Bite

Pokemon Sword and Shield

November 15, 2019

  • Pokemon Found: Chewtle is found on Route 6 and evolves into Drednaw at level 22.

Drednaw is not one of the most visually pleasing Pokemon from generation eight, and its pre-evolved form, Chewtle, isn’t much better to look at. Many players gloss over these Pokemon during a gen 8 playthrough. However, Drednaw is more valuable than many players would believe.

Chewtle is one of the first Pokemon that players can catch in the game, and so it will be great to have a Water type that early. What’s more, Drednaw is part Rock type with an Attack stat of 115. It is not the best, but it can tear through anything before players can ride on the Water to get another Water type much later.

1 Dondozo (Gen 9: Scarlet And Violet)

A Big Fish With High HP And Great Ability

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

November 18, 2022

  • Pokemon Found: Casseroya Lake.

It makes perfect sense that the best Water-type Pokemon to use in generation 9 is also one of the Titan Pokemon. This huge fish is supposed to be a late game encounter, but can be found earlier if players utilize the open world nature of these game to get a Dondozo early.

On its own, Dondozo is a great Pokemon to use in a playthrough. Its strong Attack of 100 and 150 HP means it isn’t going to faint any time soon. However, if paired up with a Tatsugiri in a double battle with the ability Commander, then this pair will bulldoze through entire teams.


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