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Mussoorie: With 5-6 Million Litres per Day (MLD) water being supplied to Mussoorie town through the Yamuna-Mussoorie drinking water project, there was hope that water woes in the town may soon end. According to officials of Peyjal Nigam – the implementing agency – water from Yamuna is now being supplied to the entire town. “We are supplying 5- 6 MLD from the Yamuna and we can increase our capacity to over 11 MLD. We’re confident this project will meet the water demand of the town for the next 30 years,” said Praveen Rai, superintendent engineer of Peyjal Nigam.Rai said for efficient water pumping and supply a real-time monitoring mechanism has been deployed wherein status of pumping stations, water supplied and levels of tanks will be monitored. “We were getting about 7 MLD from existing sources and with additional water from Yamuna, our capacity has increased to about 13 MLD. We have been able to start water supply twice a day and despite the heavy tourist rush, there are no reports of water scarcity now,” said TS Rawat, assistant engineer of Jal Santhan.Rawat also said that over the coming days, the duration of water supply will be increased. Meanwhile, a big indicator of water supply is number of water tankers hired by hoteliers over which NGT had pulled up the authorities last year.“Ever since the water supply has improved, the number of water tankers deployed in the town has reduced by as much as 50% which is quite significant,” said a hotelier who spoke on condition of anonymity.

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