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Dehradun: As the summer season sets in, exacerbating water scarcity in various parts of Dehradun, residents across the capital are now facing another pressing issue — poor water quality in their taps. In areas like Park Road in the heart of the city, residents have been experiencing erratic water supply over the past two weeks, with many complaining of receiving muddy and murky water unfit for consumption.Rajesh Bansal, a resident of Park Road, said, “For the last few days, we have been getting absolutely muddy water in our taps. Now, one day the water supply seems clean but at other times, it is murky. This has been going on for almost 15 days now and several families here have raised complaints but the issue has not been resolved yet. The water is unfit for consumption in the houses.”Similar grievances have been echoed from other localities, such as Chukkhuwala and Kanwli Road. “In the mornings, the water supply remains dirty for the first few minutes. By the time clean water starts coming in, the pressure reduces drastically and the flow stops altogether after a while. We don’t even trust whatever clean water supply we get in these circumstances. This has been going on for the last couple of weeks. Many of our neighbours have shared similar experiences,” a resident of Chukkhuwala said.Concerns loom among locals about potential health hazards if the water supply remains subpar as the season progresses. In areas like Rajendra Nagar, reliance on water tankers has become a frequent occurrence several times a week.“While pipelines have undergone cleaning to ensure a smoother supply during the season, it might have led to temporary disruptions. However, we are actively addressing all complaints regarding erratic or contaminated water supply. Additionally, the department has arranged for an ample supply of water tankers. There will be no shortage in the capital during the summer months,” said an official at Jal Sansthan.

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