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Gurgaon: Residents of DLF 2 and Palam Vihar have been grappling with severe water shortage for the past 20 days.The situation is particularly worrying in blocks M, N, and J of DLF 2, where people are compelled to depend on private water tankers. The residents pointed out that the issue has been persistent for the last three years, especially during summers. They pointed out that majority of the water supplied to the colony is utilised for construction activities.Vikas Thapar, a member of the DLF 2 RWA governing council, said, “It’s just the onset of summer. How will we manage during the peak season? We have removed some water pumps from construction sites.”Palam Vihar residents too are struggling with water scarcity for the last two weeks, with some reporting a foul smell in the water they receive. RWA president Rajan Sagar said that blocks A, B, C, E, G and H are worst affected. “No measure has been taken by the civic authorities to augment the water supply in the colony, while pipelines have been damaged at various places resulting in wastage,” he added.Meanwhile, a senior official from GMDA said, “There is no issue from our end. It might be an internal distribution problem.”Cluster head of DLF City Nitya Mohan said, “While the estimated requirement is 35,000 KL per day, we are receiving 22,000-23,000 KL per day. Water conservation steps are in force, potable tankers have been provided to them. They have to use water judiciously,” he said.

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