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Ranchi: The Ranchi Municipal Corporation (RMC) has decided to protect groundwater levels by utilizing surface water sources such as dams and sumps during summer. This year, RMC has been supplying treated surface water to dry zones through tankers. Since February, this initiative has saved approximately 60 lakh litres of groundwater.Currently, RMC is sourcing water from five treatment plants — Gonda Water Treatment Plant, Hatma Hill, Simalia (UGR-1), ITBP (UGR-2) and Siram Toli for distribution via tankers.The water crisis in the dry zone areas usually starts in February and continues till July. Earlier, the water supplied through tankers was sourced from deep boring, which not only prolonged the time required to fill a tanker but also caused a decline in the groundwater level.To ensure that city residents do not face water scarcity during summer, the urban body has made arrangements for 25 new tankers in addition to the existing 50. The corporation is supplying two lakh litres daily through tankers to the dry zone areas with approximately 50 tankers engaged in the task. Each tanker has a capacity of four thousand litres.“The RMC has purchased the additional 25 tankers to meet the water demand and to prevent any water crisis during the summer months. Last year, the corporation had 50 tankers, which has now been increased to 75,” an official of the corporation said.Notably, several densely populated areas, including Kanke Road, Morhabadi, Edalhatu Lalpur, Bariatu, Harmu Road and Ratu Road fall under the dry zone areas with localities like Booti, Bariatu, Vikas, Deepatoli, Kokar, Morhabadi, Karamtoli, Main Road, Hindpiri, Chutiya, Doranda, Harmu, Vidyanagar and Ratu Road being supplied with tanker water. Additionally, deep boring has been done at various locations in different wards of the city to extract water with the help of motors and supply it through tankers.RMC administrator Ameet Kumar, said, “The initiative involves reducing dependence on groundwater and encouraging the use of surface water. As summer approaches, water demand rises, stressing the system.”

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